Friday, December 11, 2009

Notables from Thursday, December 10th

Yahoo is up to their old tricks and the GGT process did not update in full last night, so this will be greatly abbreviated.  They may be tired of me hitting them 5000 times a night for updates ....

Several of my contra positions fired yesterday around 1:20 pm, causing me to commit to this market.  You may be sitting there smiling that I'm going to get taken to the cleaners this morning -- futures are up, so it looks like these positions will be underwater at the open.  If the markets move aggressively to the upside, say a >2x ADV/DEC ratio or better, I'll lick my wounds and close the contras, else I'm sitting pat for today.

We have a VectorVest/GGT meeting tomorrow in Lorton -- about 60 people have responded that they will come.  Hope that you can make it too.  Check back later today/tonight for yesterday's update.