Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 5/21 Mid-Day Update

Although I'm seeing some strength, I'm not seeing us clear yesterday's highs mostly across the board, e.g., so far as I can determine this is a sucker's rally.  Volume IS up across the board except where noted.  Here are the ETFs that I am watching:

UWM, volume up
SAA, weak volume
QLD, volume up
DDM, volume up
SSO, volume up
MVV, volume up
UYM, volume up
UYG -- cleared previous day high just prior to noon, volume up
DIG, volume up
URE, volume up
USD -- cleared previous day high in significant rally, volume up
GLL, volume up
GLD, volume weak
ULE, weak volume
EUO, normal volume

As of right now my ETF power is dry.

Note that I did move funds from my wife's TSP into the market which most likely will be effective tonight -- see for details.