Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update for Wednesday, April 4th - Another Short-Term Whipsaw

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With the close of markets on Tuesday, April 3rd, the short-term LCR timer has transitioned to CASH. 

Under the rules of the re-entry timer, the index position entered into yesterday will be closed at the open. The Elder intermediate-termed timer and the 13d / 65d long-term timer are still long, so positions that were entered into early in January or the middle of March, which have gains, should continue to be held.

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While any system that whipsaws is frustrating, you can see that the secondary re-entry system manages the trades quite well (as long as you execute flawlessly), with the worse trade ever recorded at -5.46%, the average loss at -1.59%, and with a significant positive edge (ME = 0.84, want > 0, and PRR = 1.5, want greater than 1.0 at a minimum).

I'm not as anxious to sell, and backtesting that I have conducted shows that a 1% trailing stop loss (TSL) placed on the trade 5 minutes after the market opens typically works in your favor (e.g., you get a higher price on exit than the opening). I intend to place the TSL and let it ride from there.


The Price Slope Model is wavering on turning bearish, but simply has 1 day of bearishness developing on a good bullish base:

Although the 2d and 3d slopes turning negative is undesired, the weakness we see is characteristic of being within a range.


The LCR Slope Model has resumed the bearish stance it has had for a while and tells us that more stocks are moving below their historical, optimized performance levels and that we should not be buying stocks today:


I'll be away from my desk all day today until near the close.