Monday, April 29, 2013

Update for Monday, 29 April

The new combined leader list can be found here.  As usual, the list is sorted with the best Effective Volume stocks at the top, going into Monday, April 29th, and descending down to the worse timing.  All these stocks pass a rigorous screening and my view is that they are all worthy of investment.

My holding period is several days to weeks, and in some cases, months.  I make no representations as to trading these stocks on a short term basis -- I do not perform analysis on this time frame and my timer systems are not tuned to short time frames.  In other words, your on your own.

For those of you who know how I screen, here is the "green table" (as it's become known).  Not all the stocks in the combined leader's list is here due to screen capture limitations, but the best for timing entry are presented:

As with all my blog images, right-click on the picture to open in a new tab or window so you can scan the details.

Column descriptions are to be found here.

As a group, e.g., a mini-index, the behavior is solid but range-bound:

This suggests that we are losing our ability to make new highs, and although I'm still on a long signal overall, expecting all these stocks to continue to climb would be rather foolish.  We *can* expect the individual stocks to outperform as well as underperform the chart above, and this is why timing with Effective Volume is important.