Friday, November 8, 2013

GGT Intermediate Timer Signals Move to Cash 11-8-2013


With the close of markets last night on November 7th my intermediate timer has signaled a transition to CASH.  I'm unloading all positions that are underwater and that have reverted to a "New Cash" basis.  My holdings after these are cut free are:

DDD (+19%)
FSS (+6%)
GEL (-2%)
HZO (+11%)
ILMN (+13%)
PDFS (+30%)
SAVE (+3%)
USAT (-6%)
XRS (+21%)

GEL and USAT operate under different rules and I'm precluded from selling them until they transition to a GGT "New Cash" status.

This overall signal has been marginally profitable -- with today's sell I should be up only +0.98% with the closed positions.  Of course the remaining holdings will boost the final values, and if I closed everything today we'd be up about 9% on this last signal in total.

I'm raising cash to limit the damage, and you should consider doing the same.

Remember, do your own diligence, and remember that you are responsible for your actions -- I am not.