Thursday, June 4, 2015

Signal Change as of Close of June 3

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The problem with having multiple jobs is that investing often takes a backseat, so I'm always playing catch up.  This is my reality this morning.

I looked at the leaders yesterday and they did so-so, meaning, I wasn't too concerned about updating my internal timers, other spreadsheets, etc.  Hence, I missed this change of signal last night.

Despite the markets being very weak this morning last night's signal change is for "all in" -- 0% cash target, 100% equity target.  It's going to take some work to get there from here.

Within the Dropbox folder you'll see a bunch of text files:


All of these stocks have good, solid fundamentals in terms of EPS and revenues.  All are performing well, but be advised, the "_Bargains" are down in price, and the "_DividendChampions" stocks don't screen on price data, so they could be very low (but they pay steady to increasing dividends over many, many years of data).

If you are not a member of the Dropbox folder then you need to send an email to pduncan { at ] v t {dot ] e d  u (fixing the address of course) with DROPBOX in the subject line and I'll add you.  Note that you'll also get an invite from Yahoo Groups so that I can communicate with you -- Dropbox has no communication facility so we have a group to manage this.  If you join the Dropbox but refuse to join the Yahoo group I'll kick you out -- I don't want people who I can't communicate with.  Sorry to be blunt but it is what it is.

I'll be updating these lists as my time permits but these lists, despite them being created this past Friday, are still very solid lists.  

If you are so inclined, ensure that the stock is rated in some form of GGT "long" status before you invest.  If you don't know what this means then you need to read the files in the Dropbox folder.  There's a presentation there to get you oriented.

Buy strength.  Multiply the previous day's high by 1.001 and set your BUY STOP at this level.  If it's not hit today, lower it tonight and try again tomorrow.

For those of you on the alert list, NEON has already triggered for the day and I'm entering at or below VWAP.

The Cumulative Tick pattern is telling me that this signal is prone to failure:

The fact that everything has a negative slope means that you should be careful about entering.  Buy strength, not weakness.  Review past blog entries to have a better understanding at what you are looking at.

Nevertheless, the LCR table shows strength in the underlying database of 3000 stocks:


People are picking up stocks as the tool indicates, so unless it's all short covering (quite possible), we could be seeing the start of the next leg upward.  Again, take a look at past blog entries to understand this table.

Remember, do your own diligence.  Your crystal ball is as good as mine.  You are responsible for your own decisions and I am not.