Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Long-term Timer Transitions LONG, November 3 Close

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Brief update here -- with the close of markets on Tuesday, November 3rd, my models have transitioned long on all measured time frames.  Target equity is 100%, subject to market ebb/flow.

We are short-term overbought here -- the number of stocks that are rated long is high, relative to recent history, so we can expect a pullback at any time:

Note that the solid red line corresponds to a level of 63,4% longs in the database; we are at 60.4%.  3 more percent -- or roughly 90 more stocks transitioning to a "New Long" status (net of "New Cash"), and we'll be there.  We're averaging about +1.4% per day net New Longs, so 2-3 days at this pace.

When we hit this level I'll not purchase any stocks until we get back to a lower value.  Ideally, we'll pull back to the "Green" zone.


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