Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Closer to a buy signal, Dec 22 Close data

From my perspective, yesterday was a healthy day.  I think we're seeing the start of the Santa Claus rally:

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The Cumulative Tick chart above shows that buying kicked in yesterday.  This is only Day One, but it is constructive.  The middle plot, which shows algorithmic, sustained buying, was fairly steady all day.  The big boyz are taking year-end positions.

On the bottom plot the instantaneous (white) cumulative tick is above the moving averages and is pulling all of them upward.  Although we certainly can fail at this point, this too is constructive and is a necessary indicator for me.

I'm going through my watch lists.

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My other primary indicator is the LCR table above.  We see green on the left side, and lots of green on the right side, so the right-side acceleration is starting to cause the left side to turn positive.  This too is a necessary conditions for the markets to improve.

As you can see though, the indicator can show that the market is prone to failure right here.  I am looking for continued buying, which will drive the 5d and 8d slope of the LCR EMAs (left side of the table) to turn positive (green).  This will indicate that the tide is starting to flow back in, lifting all boats, and triggering me to buy.

Again, get your shopping lists ready.

Shopping Lists

We are in prime shopping territory.  I have my lists ready, and they are comprised of quality stocks.  Some lists are better than others.

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