Thursday, September 9, 2010

ST Timer Long-Cash (0); IT Timer Long if Aggressive, Cash if Conservative

I'm in Denver on my way to Sacramento so this will be brief and no graphics.

The GGT Price Index moved up on Wednesday +0.62%, ending the day at $24.37.  Volume continues to be very light, with the traded value -24% below the 50d MA.  Hardly a resounding bull but an increase is an increase, so I'll take it.

The GGT LCR inched upward Wednesday only +3%, so it has increased only +5% over the past two trading days.  Again, not a resounding bull but worthy of noting. 

Everything is in sync, e.g., price, LCR, and the strength index moved up, so the universe is whole.  I would consider this a very weak bull though, so I'm not yet betting the ranch.


Short Term LCR Change Timer

The ST LCR Change Timer is presently LONG, and has been for the past 5 days.  The equity curve associated with this timer has only changed from $1.547 to $1.573, so this isn't a huge gain over this period of time.  Again, I think that this is a very weak bull.

I am not chasing this signal, and I am in cash.  I was on vacation when the signal changed and I do not play catch-up on a short-term timer.


Intermediate-Term Elder Timer

The IT Elder Timer is signalling long for aggressive investors, but is still in cash for conservative investors.  I fall into the latter category, hence I am presently sitting on the side lines.  NONE of my watch list was up in volume AND price as of the close yesterday, hence I am not yet on the intermediate-term bandwagon.

As I am traveling today, with meetings this afternoon, I will not be participating in the market today.  If you are aggressive, please review yesterday's blog in terms of how to construct an Elder watch list of candidate stocks.  If you are conservative, there is nothing wrong with sitting on the side lines at the present time.


Remember, you are responsible for your own trading decisions.  Please take ownership for your investment decisions.