Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ST Timer is LONG, but...., Elder Intermediate Timer is LONG

As my world would have it, my travel day rests on a GGT Long-Cash Ratio (LCR) timer transition.  My week finds me in Ft. Worth, TX, and those 6 a.m. flights make it hard to get my updates and post here.  Now that I'm settled the week should be fine as far as posts.

So, from the comfort of my home away from home at the Hyatt, here are some observations:


Short-Term LCR Change Timer

The timer is now LONG.  We received a LONG signal with the close of Monday's market, which actually caused a divergence -- the LCR moved up, the average price of the database dropped. 

I note with interest that while the GGT LCR Change timer is LONG, the VTI timer, which is based on this value, is still in CASH.  Interesting.  To enter or not ... that is the question.  Prudence says NOT to enter, my emotions say to enter.

Yesterday's markets reinforced the LONG, so move into VTI, UWM, QLD as your risk profile dictates.  Note that the VTI closed at 58.27 on Monday, 58.60 on Tuesday.  Simultaneously, UWM closed at 31.17/31.75 respectively, and QLD closed at 67.17/67.27 respectively.


Elder Intermediate-Term Timer

I added to my longs yesterday afternoon, as the Elder Intermediate-Term timer continues to show long (due to the 13d Force Index being positive).  My current holdings/performance are as follows:

VHC, +6.53%
IDCC, +1.90%
IGN, +1.50%
EWH, +0.85%
PID, +0.34%
BKF, +0.59%
EWN, +0.27%
EWO, +0.25%
PFM, +0.10%
JJG, -2.11%
INAP, -2.02%

So, not stellar, but certainly not poor.  Note that values are inclusive of commissions, and are not equal-dollar weighted, as I adjust my positions using ATR(20) when I purchase.

All of these stocks, even with the two losers, still are showing very strong Elder charts.  I'll continue to hold and add to my positions as the market permits today.  My list for Wednesday is:


EWH (already own)

Again, look for volume and price appreciation before moving in.  My older blogs talk in detail about how to do this.


Trading Plan for Wednesday

Short-Term Timer:  My risk profile is a bit broader than some, so I'll move on entering VTI, UWM, and QLD.

Intermediate-Term Timer:  I'll watch the list above and enter any that are appreciating in price AND volume, starting at 10:15-ish, and checking on my normal schedule (see past blogs).


Remember, you are responsible for your own trading decisions, not me.  Please take ownership for your investment decisions.