Friday, January 21, 2011

Trimming the Top 25 ETF Portfolio for Friday

With the close of Thursday, 1/20 markets, the following Top 25 ETFs will be sold today (Friday) at Marketocracy:

TNA (+15.28%)
UWM (+1.35%)
MVV (+4.07%)
SLV (-5.53%)
TYH (+21.73%)
SIVR (+0.72%)

Gain(loss) values for UYM and TQQQ weren't available because they executed faster than I could get back to the main screen.  The results are buried in the logs, but I'm moving on.

This will raise our cash position dramatically, perhaps above the allowed 35% level.  If this is the case I may add to the strongest ETFs to bring our cash level below 35% -- I'll advise later if this is the case


The Top 25 stock and ETF portfolios are for testing purposes only.  If you choose to follow these, you do so at your own risk and with complete acknowledgement of the disclaimer located on the masthead when you first enter this blog.