Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Back to 66 Percent Cash, 4-29 Close

No graphics here - moving the family this week and it's a bit of work.  This will be short.


With the close of markets on 4-29, the GGT timer system is indicating a move back to 66% cash target.

The short-term and medium-term timers are in CASH.

The long-term timer is LONG, so as of now, the long-term timer is intact.

This is a rudderless market -- we've not made any real progress in either direction in a couple of weeks.  We are at 51% Long-rated stocks in the database -- we need to drop to 43 to have any comfort about going long with abandon.  See my warnings about Percent Longs from earlier posts.



Same as usual when we hit this state.  Cash target is 66% -- I'll get there by selling the weakest positions first.

Sell-side money management is to place a 1% trailing stop loss, good til canceled, to execute after 9:45 a.m. ET.   Let it go until either the stock breaks out OR we get a master timer reset where the short-term timer moves higher.


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