Monday, September 26, 2016

Short-term re-entry signal and recorded video link

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We had a face-to-face investment group meeting this past weekend with the AAII Computer Investing Special Interest Group (CI-SIG).  Don't let the name throw you -- this meeting was focused on the three main points:

1) a new short-term entry signal has developed so get your shopping list ready.
2) learn how I find stocks with increasing earnings and revenue growth
3) learn some preliminary results regarding the 21d EMA Buy/Sell rules (favorable)

The PDF to the presentation is here:

The presentation was recorded and can be viewed here:    The video is too large to embed in this blog, so you will have to use the link to view.

I welcome comments and feedback -- I spend a great deal of time preparing for these presentations and I want to ensure they are relevant for the participants.

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