Sunday, February 19, 2017

Putting the GGT *Files* on Ice, Effective Feb 21st

Good evening all,

After considerable thought and going back-and-forth I have decided to put the GGT Stock files, as published to the Dropbox share folder that many of you have graciously downloaded, on hold for the foreseeable future.  The rationale has nothing to do with GGT -- I use the system with one of my accounts, but it has everything to do with the cost of the data service, which is up for renewal on the 24th of February.

Through a convoluted "how did I get here" process I use the database created by HGSI -- High Growth Stock Investor ( ) as the data source for generating the nightly stock file updates.  I also use the same database with my EdgeRater software ( ).  The Metastock export function of HGSI generates the necessary files that I use for GGT, or Edgerater accesses the database directly.  Advantages to using HGSI over Yahoo are numerous:

  • Price Accuracy
  • Volume Accuracy
  • Data does not "move", e.g., it is not corrected later
The downside of HGSI/Metastock is that I'm looking at $700 for a renewal.  For a program as powerful as HGSI but one that I use a fraction of the power, this is a sunk cost that I feel is not easily recoverable.

So, if you want to use GGT methods you'll have to rely on my TradeStation ELD.  If you are not a TradeStation user I can't help you, as I've not written the software for any other trading platform.

Contact me directly if you want to continue to use GGT within TradeStation.  You'll need to maintain a Dropbox folder, as I publish coefficients to files that TradeStation will need to correctly calculate the buy/sell/hold recommendations.

Sorry for this, but I can do what I need to do within TradeStation and not have to rely on HGSI.  The file system will update with Friday's file (2/17) and I'll leave it there for a few weeks; then it will be cleaned out.