Wednesday, September 9, 2015

No Long Signal (yet), Sep 8 Close

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Tuesday's action, despite being very positive overall, did not flip my timers to the long side. The hold out is that there is no "trend" -- the daily action moves us around but we need another strong day or two in a consistent direction to get a buy signal.

So, I'm not a big buyer today (Wednesday).  I've placed a few orders but overall, I'm not jumping in.  I'd like to see more sustained movement upwards.

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The LCR table continues to show strength.  If you look closely you can see that all of the slopes (left side of the table, bottom row) are "more positive", so strength today will cause more "green".  The right side of the table continues to show acceleration to the upside.

There is still risk here, and the reluctance of my models to move long is indicative of this fact:

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I've covered the Cumulative Tick chart enough that you probably know the presentation.  If not, read back a few entries.  You can see at the top that we're close on an equal number of 52-week new highs and new lows, which is good.  I like to see 52 week new highs dominate, so we're getting closer to a lower risk environment.

The instantaneous cumulative tick (white) is quite positive in presentation -- this needs to continue the trajectory that is shown.  If this occurs there will be no doubt about entering the market -- everybody will be buying (and they can't hide).


I'm continuing to enter some positions in my Dividend portfolio. Pickings are slim right now, but the list is in the stock file that I post in the Dropbox folder.   I'm not entering positions in the other portfolios, but am keeping the lists active.


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