Friday, January 15, 2016

One Day Does not Make a Trend

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The indexes all skyrocked upward on Thursday and my two primary indicators, the Cumulative Tick and the Long-Cash Ratio table both indicate some abatement of the downward move.  It is way too early to determine if this is sustainable -- but we are very oversold so the odds are in favor of some movement upward.

I intend to sit on the sidelines Friday.


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The Cumulative Tick started to move upward around 12:30 p/ET and although it showed a bit of weakness into the close, it ended the day higher than it started.  There was net buying on the NYSE.

The white line is below the downward-sloping red trend line, so this is not a good market for buying stocks.

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The LCR fell to the 49th lowest value (out of 1857 observations) ever recorded, ending at 0.112,
which is a slight fall from Wednesday on really high volume.  We have had 10 consecutive days of the LCR dropping on a day-over-day basis, which is uncharacteristic for the markets.  We sold off fast and hard.

The middle shows a sea of red, indicating that I should plan to do nothing today.

The right side shows a solid row of accelerating to the upside, which is the first step in flashing an entry signal.  We need many more like this to get us out of the deep oversold territory that we are in.

I intend to be safe and not do anything today.

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