Friday, March 4, 2011

Top 25 ETF Portfolio at Collective2

I'm pressed for time today so this will be abbreviated.


  • The tool I use to determine whether I should be buying stocks is telling me that entering stocks today has a terrible reward/risk ratio, so in general, no buying for me today.  Correspondingly, I'm not providing guidance on opportunities today.  Check back over the weekend for a detailed analysis.
  • Many of you have complained that Marketocracy does not allow you to see the trades or performance, only the equity graphs.  Given this, I've created a Top 25 ETF portfolio at Collective2, which will allow you to see the trades, statistics, and equity graphs.  The URL is  If you want to see the trades in real time, with real time notification, you'll have to subscribe, else you can see the trades on the page 1 day after they are performed.  I expect that the portfolio will take a hit here within the next couple of weeks, simply because we're near all-time highs, so be forewarned.  The original Marketocracy portfolio was created the week of Thanksgiving 2010, and we had a nice leg up from 12/3 onward.  I do NOT anticipate the same performance over the next three months for the Top 25 ETF portfolio at C2.  The Marketocracy portfolio, as well as my own personal account, will continue to run, so we'll have 3 data points to review as we go forward.

Happy investing.