Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No-change in Status, Close of Tuesday, March 3rd

Summary:  The Long-Cash Ratio fell another -8% to 1.510 on Tuesday, meaning that 1191 stocks are in some form of "CASH" status and 1799 are in some form of "LONG" status.  The indicator has fallen the past 5 of 7 days, hence the trend is down.

In general the LCR table is confirming bearishness on a short-term time frame.  Stating the obvious, the trend downward will continue until it stops.  For now there is nothing to do on Wednesday except continue to raise cash.

Consequently, I'm driving towards a 34% cash position.  The leaders are doing well, so this is harder than it sounds.

On the intermediate- and long-term time frames, we are still trending upwards.  I plan to keep 50%-66% invested in the market until the intermediate timer triggers to CASH.  This could occur as early as the close of business Wednesday if the day is down hard.