Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No Change to Status, Monday, March 2nd Close

Summary:  Despite the positive action today (Monday) systems are relatively unchanged.  The Long-Cash Ratio moved up +3% to 1.646, which is barely notable.

The short-term timer remains in CASH status.  The intermediate and long-termed timers are unchanged in LONG status.

Monday's action was positive -- not many of my TSL, GTC selling orders filled.  This means that when they do execute I'll most likely get a higher price than if I had simply pulled the trigger at 9:45 am or 10:00.

I'm still raising cash to a level of 66%-75% invested (25%-33% in cash).  I am expecting a short-term drop in the next week or two.

Of course, the short-term timer could reverse here and we could move higher -- your crystal ball is as good as mine.  If this occurs I will

1) cancel all pending TSL orders
2) move aggressively to get 100% back in the markets

Your actual mileage may vary.  Do your own diligence.

Dropbox files are updated.