Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Intermediate-Term Timer Now Long, October 21 Close

Overview:  With both the short-term and intermediate-term timers now long, equity positions will be raised to 75% of capital.

Timer Status:

Short-term Timer:  LONG
Intermediate-term Timer:  LONG
Long-term Timer:  CASH
Long-Cash Ratio:  Jumped +33% to 0.380 from 0.285, the 77th largest jump in over 1000+ up days
Percent stocks with a LONG rating in the database:  27.6% out of 3034 stocks, up 5.4% from Monday.

Timer Table:

Historically, the progression shown above has worked out well.  It is possible for a slight pullback given today's action, so maintaining the Intermediate-term Timer recommendation will be key for continued buying of stocks.

Slope Table:

More green.  If you are not aware of the significance, please refer to older entries.  The right side of the table looks great.

Cumulative Tick Chart:

Continued upward slopes on all measured time frames.  Steady buying in the morning and afternoon.

Same chart as above, only zoomed so that you can see that we do have a large number of stocks on the NYSE making new 52-week highs.  This is significant and is worthy of continuing on the long side of stocks.


Continued buying on the long side.  The list of Greenfield Leaders is as follows:

This list is growing fast from just a few days ago and I'm trying to get into as many of these stocks as my different portfolio specifications will allow.

Beaten down stocks that have good fundamentals are in my Greenfield Bargains list:

The "red" here simply shows that pricing criteria has been violated in some fashion, an as soon as price moves higher most of these stocks will graduate to the Leaders list.

The complete list, to save you from typing each symbol, can be found in the Dropbox shared "stock" file that is updated nightly.  If you are not a member please send a note to pduncan {a t] v t [dot] e d u (figure it out, without spaces, etc.) with "Dropbox" in the subject and you'll get added to the shared folder.

I'm a buyer, attempting to get to a 75% deployed status.  It's hard.  Even with the buying over the past week I'm only at 25%; finding stocks that meet my portfolio criteria has not been as easy as it seems.   Historically, it's taken me about a week to deploy monies once a new signal is received; the first few days of this signal were slow and most stocks did not flip to "GGT LONG" status, preventing entry.  Tonight saw a large number transition, so the game is on.


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